17,000 steps yesterday

17,000 steps yesterday. My body felt it at the end of the day. Kurt provided me with some Arnica pills and I woke up without aches or pains. Alfie stood poised to head out the door with Kurt but turned to me. And my thought at 6am? "Sure Alfie, lets go walk in the park." 

New actions

New outcomes

Stepping out of our comfort zone is major. It is a powerful player in our creative ways. How are you creating your conscious life? What are you awake to? What remains a dull norm, a regular everyday vibe that keeps you where you are? There may be absolutely nothing wrong with where you are now.

For those who are yearning for the next step up, step out, step toward....take one action today that is outside of your comfort zone.

The effort isn't one and done. To bring lasting change, we continue on the path of discomfort. Sounds fun, eh? So make little discomforts. Maybe if you usually walk 3000 steps, you do 8000. 17,000 from much less is a huge leap. It is a massive shift. Can I sustain it? That is the question. Since I'm on a deliberate pace of growth, then those 17,000 steps represent the level of change I am seeking. And I've got to sustain it somehow. That means 17,000 (6 miles) becomes the norm. Pilgriming on the Camino is another big leap.

But what happens when I come home?

What happens when you come home?

What happens when we make a big change: move towns, change jobs, go back to school....are you still in your comfort zone? Did you just change venue and retain the comfortable vibe?

That's what we can talk about. That is what I can help with... walking with you toward change in a deliberate fashion. Fast or slow, you don't have to try on discomfort alone. That would be kind of silly, actually.

Peace & Change,