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A suite of empowerment services to deepen

personal formation, spiritual connection, human consciousness

 Are we a fit? While Amy does not offer a free first session, she is happy to explore via email to see if there is a good fit for this work. This website, completely designed and written by Amy, also gives you an accurate sense of how she thinks, guides, speaks and engages Spirit and Persons with respect and loving kindness. So read thoroughly and then schedule for a session.


  • You may pay at the time of scheduling, using Paypal (you'll be prompted).

  • Or, you can pay by at anytime sending to

  • Amy receives payments via cash, check, and credit cards on site.

Spiritual Direction:55 minute sessions

  • Spiritual Direction: $40

  • Spiritual Direction for full time college and seminary students: $20

  • Spiritual Direction written form: $40 for monthly correspondence


Personal Coaching: 30-45 minutes

  • Coaching: $120 single session, $375 for a month pass for 4 sessions and email/text support

  • Field Notes: coaching for 20somethings: $200 for 6 sessions

Soul Realignment: 55 minute session, unless indicated otherwise

  • Soul ReAlignment Report (foundational): $160 two hour session

  • Spirit Guide Report: $80

  • Life Situation Report: $80

  • Relationship Reading Report: $80

  • Property Clearing: $40 email report

  • Manifesting Blueprint: $80

  • Akashic Record Touch Point: $35 30 minute reading, you provide the question or point for clarity and we'll see what comes up

Specialized Services            

  • 1 planning meeting + event,

    • Milestone Rituals $150 + travel expense beyond 50 miles from Richmond Indiana; birth, retirement, new or full moon, elder wisdom initiation, any meaningful life milestone

    • Commitment Rituals $250 + travel expenses beyond 50 miles from Richmond Indiana: marriage, funeral, memorials

    • Vibrant Pre-Marital Counseling: $400 for three 90 minute sessions that cover a multitude of topics that we’ll cover in depth as needed, plus a Style Profile to help understand what motivates behavior of yourself and your partner and the communication tools to handle whatever comes up. 1 year anniversary check in included.

    • Interpersonal Communication Consultation: Amy has been a practitioner of the Style Profile materials for self and interpersonal knowing since 1989. This is a system of understanding self and other’s motivations for behaviors. Price tbd

Need to Cancel? Life is full and Amy understands.

Running Late: If you are running late, let Amy know via text. After you arrive, your session will be in the remaining timeframe of your original appointment. If she does not hear from you, Amy will wait up till 15 minutes before the session will be considered closed.

Cancellation Policy: Please make contact with Amy at the point you know you'll need to cancel. This is welcomed even right at the point of the start of the scheduled time. If you have pre-paid, that payment will be applied to your next appointment. If no contact is made, Amy will wait 15 minutes into the scheduled time. If you have pre-paid but do not make contact to cancel there will be no refund. Communication, even at the last minute, is appreciated.

  • Spiritual Direction is effective face to face, by phone, Zoom, or in written form through email.

  • All sessions times are Eastern Standard Time

  • All Scheduling times are USA Eastern Standard Time


Phone: 765-967-0657, Amy checks voice mail and returns calls on Fridays or schedule an Introduction Call below (at no cost). Amy will call you.


Zoom Web Session: Amy will send you a Zoom link with just a couple of steps to connect if you wish to meet online

Studio Location: 41 S 20th Street, Richmond IN for in-person sessions, this is a residential home sharing space with Whitewater Acupuncture and the Ritchie family, two dogs (one barky small dog, and one lumbering sweet old Lab)

Permission by Client: Persimmon Studio views the scheduling of an appointment as permission by the client for coaching and/or spiritual directing to take place. The client may at anytime during the session choose to hold information they are not ready to share.

Persimmon Studio Privacy Policy: We do not share your private information, ever. However, if we believe harm will come to you or another person due to the information you've shared, we will let you know what and how we will report the concern. Your contact information is never shared. 765-967-0657

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