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A suite of empowerment services to deepen

personal formation, spiritual connection, human consciousness

All services offered In-Person Phone Online via Zoom 765-967-0657 (texts) 41 S 20th Street Richmond Indiana (Studio)

 Are we a fit? While Amy does not offer a free first session, she is happy to explore via email to see if there is a good fit for this work. This website, completely designed and written by Amy, also gives you an accurate sense of how she thinks, guides, speaks and engages Spirit and Persons with respect and loving kindness. So read thoroughly and then schedule for a session.


  • Payment is expected prior to or at the beginning of the session.

  • Check, cash, cards are accepted.

  • You may pay at the time of scheduling, using Paypal (you'll be prompted).

  • You can pay by at anytime sending to

  • You may work with Amy to create a payment plan if needed, with final payment at the time of the session.

  • If you need to request a sliding scale, please initiate that conversation BEFORE the session, and not during or after.

Cancellations, Late Arrivals, Reschedule

  • Cancellations: Amy appreciates a simple text or email if you are unable to keep your appointment. You may cancel right up to the time your session starts. Amy will wait 10 minutes before moving on to other things. If you have already paid for the session and you communicate your plan to cancel with Amy, your payment will be applied to your reschedule. If you have paid and do not communicate, your payment will be forfeit. Non-communicated cancellations may be charged a $25 fee.

  • Late Arrivals: Amy will wait 10 minutes after the start of your session, and then will assume you are not coming. If you do arrive late, you will conclude at the end of the scheduled time, and the fee will be for the full session. Plan well.

  • Reschedules: Life is full and things come up. Feel free to reschedule. You may do so easily through your original confirmation email, where you’ll find a link for changing/canceling. Or text/email. Last minute is fine.

Eastern Standard Time Zone

Please make the correct calculations on your own calendar according to your time zone. Thank you!

Spiritual Direction:55 minute sessions

  • Spiritual Direction: $40

  • Spiritual Direction for full time college and seminary students: $20

Personal Coaching: 45 minutes

  • Custom pricing: contact Amy

  • Coaching: $60

  • Field Notes: coaching for 20somethings: $40 a session, with an expectation of 6 sessions

Soul Realignment

  • Soul ReAlignment Report (foundational): $160 two hour session

  • contact Amy for Other Soul ReAlignment options: $80 for Life Situation, Relationship, Manifesting Blueprint readings, $40 for Property Energetic Clearing

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