BODY heart mind soul

As many of you know, I am a lover of sitting. Sitting at coffee shops, across from people, cup in hand, listening deeply. While I've engaged my heart, mind, soul for much of my life, my body has been left out. Now in my 50s, it is time to bring it on board.

Sure, in my formative years through college I used my body: farm work, running, biking, pom pom squad, malls. When I entered grad school then parenting and a profession of the mind, all of t hat slowed down. I used my body in my late 20s and 30s to keep up with my children, clean the house, mow the lawn, some walking for walking sake. 

In my 40s I shifted professions to office and listening. I worked 4.5 years on my doctorate, all of which was a ton of sitting, administration, listening, and reading reading reading.

I'm now in my 50s and about to embark on 10 days of the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. A pilgrimage. It sure has been.

The moment, nearly a year ago, that I said YES to this adventure and began walking a mile most days, I developed plantar fascitis. I figured I'd walk right out of it. But it has lingered. And I've kept walking. I added weight training in February and love the feel of a strong body. I feel it throughout the day. Last week, a voice popped into my head that said "jog". So I did. Not far. Doesn't matter. All of a sudden, my body knew what it could do, and my mind received it and conveyed it to me. I've jogged a piece of my walk every day since. 

Yesterday was a tough day. I had set plans for a weekend of miles. By Monday I hadn't completed what I thought I would and was depressed. So today, Alfie and I were determined to walk, jog, and double our distance.

We did.

That was a hump to get over.

And here is the bigger piece. Once I began employing my body for what it was designed to do, other things began opening up. Deeper intuition, more mature responses, strong centering in a volatile election season and aftermath. 

When we bring Mind Soul Body Heart together, as an interwoven fabric, we see in 4 dimensions.





It is a brilliant design for the human experience. It takes us beyond the human experience into the transcendent. When we bring these all together, we enter the 5th dimension of limitlessness. I think that all of the great inventors dwelled in this space.

What is your 5th dimension? Do you know it? Can you get there? I'd love to explore that with you.