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Spiritual Direction = Intuitive Deep Listening

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Creating space to mix belief, self awareness, and growth into a revealing of you

Spiritual Direction is an ancient and sacred collaboration of speaking and listening. In our session together, you bring the content and we explore together. Have you ever had someone whose sole purpose was to listen to you? Really listen? A key piece to our work together is your intention and your authority in changing and shaping your life. I will bring the skills and expertise of coaching into our sessions. I am listening to the words you choose, the sighs you emit, the squiggles in the chair, the things left unsaid. I am listening for Sacred guidance to ask the right question that breaks it all open. Some folks come every week, some once a month, some when they feel like it. It all depends on how intentional you wish to be about your life and the speed in which you want to craft it. What I know is that active and regular reflection (I see my own spiritual director every 3 weeks) allows us to be prepared for the surprises of life and attentive to the direction we are headed. Phone, in person or Zoom; it all works.

What struggles keep appearing in-spite of your best efforts

to grow up into your beautiful soul maturity?

You don't have to be religious to engage in spiritual direction. You don't even have to be spiritual. You DO need to have a desire to pay attention to your life in an awake, curious, questioning, challenging way. I will offer a cup of tea and wrap you in welcome, listening and attentive along the way. I will ask hard questions, and will not let you escape the very things that need to be looked at. But I will also not push you past where you can reflect and act effectively. All our sessions are confidential, safe, respectful. I practice radical hospitality and welcome, having created a place for you that honors your secular or religious background, sexual orientation, gender identity, privilege, fears, doubts, proudest claims, bad puns. I will not tolerate or assist in goals that demean another person or culture (but boy howdy would that give us some good stuff to work with and mature out of).

My guiding principal comes from a sacred text when Jesus is asked what is the greatest commandment.

He replies, "Love".

Love God with all your heart, soul, body, mind, Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

So much love.

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Why would I need to pay someone to listen to me?

What folks talk about in spiritual direction:

  • “I don’t think I believe in God anymore but I don’t know how to regain a belief system.”

  • past trauma, childhood wounds (we may refer to a counselor and work alongside as needed)

  • their week, how they show up, how they want to keep crafting the show-up

  • Job or career changes, knowing when to make a change

  • reflecting for the raising of their consciousness in their living, choices, life craft

  • white fragility, awakening to racism, desire for change

  • forgiveness, letting go, walking away, standing up, being your all

  • relationships

  • personal struggles, issues, high-fives

  • the past, making sense for today, moving on

  • God, Spirit, Source, the Universe, Jesus, Christianity, Buddhism, spirituality

  • prayer practices & spiritual disciplines

  • mindfulness and meditation

  • Christian calendar: Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Eastertide, Ordinary time

  • nature, quandaries, past lives, values, morals, being right or wrong

  • emotions and what they are really telling us

  • shame, guilt, bad theology and how to MOVE PAST that crap

  • Some days it is mind blowing. Most days it is awe inspiring. Some days you don't know what we're going to talk about. Many days you find yourself a little closer to the sacred within.

Intuitive. Deep. Listening.

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As a spiritual director, coach and hearty encourager, Amy is committed to acknowledging the Sacred that is threaded into your days and ways. The Sacred is inescapable. It is not here or there, but within and around. The hope is that you will soon begin to see that Divine movement in your own life, as you move toward the person you want to be. Amy actively engages her own inner work and growth every day.    765-967-065

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Turner Ritchie Photography: Amy's Spiritual Direction Office

Turner Ritchie Photography: Amy's Spiritual Direction Office

We can go deeper yet with the following online tools:

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Amy is:

  • Myers-Briggs ENFP

  • Enneagram 2 with a 1 wing

  • Style Profile Accommodating/Harmonizing 32, Achieving/Directing 34

  • VIA Character Strengths (top 3) Love, Zest, Spirituality



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