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Personal Coaching

and Start-up Alchemy Coaching (for new practitioners)

heart mind soul body for mindful living

with a caring, intuitive coach whose focus is entirely on where you want to go

in your empowered life

Amy offers coaching that can help you do the creative and empowered work to reach your goals.. She will artfully work with you toward your destination. You have your resourceful wisdom within, and coaching brings it to the surface so you can access that wisdom and direction. From there, you are in charge of the action to bring your life to light. Perfect for big leaps and little jumps.

  • This is a narrative approach to goal setting for actively shaping the journey; shifting personal patterns, stepping into a new view of self, achieving destiny.

  • You are a big freakin' deal and Amy already knows it.

  • We will work with traditional tools and coaching methods, but also explore the inner core, stories, and discover what holds you back. Then, like a kayak on the river or a sling shot in the hands of an expert, you can propel forward.

Our goals may be the arrival point.

They may also be the launching pad into an unknown future

"I coach with a heart and purpose toward empowerment. To do this, I will get to know you. Not just your best, but your stuck, gross places, too. One of my geniuses is seeing beyond your surface and working with the total being. We’ll talk and listen and get going. Along the way, you will likely shift. You can choose to begin to step out of the muck and into your own genius, which is your core truth. You have to in order to make sure that the goals we are working on are YOUR goals. Not your boss’s goals for you. Not your partner’s goals for you. Not your parent’s goals for you. But your goals for your best life. All goals will be matched to this core presence within you. Let’s set forward motion for a lifestyle, personal identity, self confidence, preparing to launch a business, or launch yourself." ~

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Packaging for our Work Together

A one off session can bring some great ideas for you to implement. Honestly? It is for the ongoing implementation that coaching works so well to strengthen and empower us. Sustaining the change is the key. Moving into the layers below the surface we thought was the primary issue, is our path. Amy recommends a first session that will give you a taste of the coaching process, the potent use of tools and listening, and then you can decide to go for a 1 month, 3 month or 6 month process. I have several clients that I’ve worked weekly 6 months and for over a year, as suited their time of discernment and transition. This can be totally customized to your needs. Any package comes with text/email support and contact between sessions as you may need. Expect homework and note taking. This is your life we’re talking about and Amy expects your full engagement.

VIA Character/Signature Strengths inform our work together.

Please take the survey prior to our first session and bring your results to share with Amy.

Click here for the survey.

The International Coaching Federation serves as a gold standard setter and bearer for coaches. All of the courses at Mindfulness Coaching School are accredited by the ICF. Certification through both organizations anticipated in April 2020. 765-967-0657

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