Teal Station Wagons

I had a dream last night: I'm in my honda crv, driving down a rural highway in the middle of the night and feel the vehicle lose power, I look down to see that I've let the gas go to empty. I'm shocked and turn to tell Kurt. He is not with me. I'm alone. I pull over at a crossroads. There are 3 signs for towns north, east, west, all are 2 - 2.5 miles away. I calm my breath and think "I can walk that easy. I'm ok." An old 1960s era station wagon (teal) passes me and turns east. I ponder all that can happen at night on a rural road all alone.

Today, a number of really fabulous people gave insight into symbolism on a facebook thread. From their insight and my own engagement, here is how I am interpreting the dream.

There is a nastalgic quality to the dream, going backwards before continuing forwards. I’m going to turn east and following the teal station wagon that guides me with its arrow like fancy fins. This is a temporary side trip, to get what I need to continue the journey forward. Crossroads are a point of choice, and my choices are all good, and easily met with a little effort. I’ll journey in the early watches of the night, those hours best used for sleep, dreams, and wondering. Cars are often like spirit beings in my dreams and I’m initially driving in my current for real Honda CRV. I refer to it as my sanctuary. It is a vehicle for road trips, thinking, creative sermon prep, engagement with angels and spirits. It is out of gas, but not through my negligence, nor lack of self care. I’ve crafted a life where care for self and for others are interwoven. The lack of gas is causing a pause at the crossroad. Our dreams cast a symbolic landscape for dimensional thinking. This may be pointing to something concrete, an actual decision, or a frame of mind as I continue to move in my way of forwarding my progress. I know that the dream touches on vocation and purpose, healing and formation because those are the themes of my life and work. Going back in order to go forward. Not a losing ground, but a reflection and sweet dip into my past that will release my future.

Thanks to all the providers of dream insight this day.