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A suite of empowerment services

to deepen personal formation, spiritual connection, human consciousness

  • Spiritual Direction: a classic experience of deep listening from both the spiritual director and the client, who is the empowered soul. We listen together for the Sacred that is already moving.

  • Soul ReAlignment: the cosmic, woo woo cousin to spiritual direction. This is an actionable, life changing protocol that delves into the mystery of the universe where our soul's are originated.  Various readings.

  • Blog: expressions of wonder, wisdom, amazement, and the human experience

  • Writings: forthcoming

  • Future Projects: Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Amy leads and creates from a place of her own spiritual empowerment and growth. Her aim is to create a life and space where she is free to express the divine gifts within her, and to offer that same opportunity to everyone who works with her.

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