Going, Going....Stuck

It happens.

We’ll be flying along, with affirmations, support, insights. And then I’ll hear it; the repeated pattern of distrust, victimhood, self doubt, all the things that brought a person to spiritual direction and coaching in the first place.

For some, it is too tireseome to consider letting go, than to let go. I undestand this, and I have no judgment around it. At some point, I will have to point it out to you. Trust me, I’ve been in that place of stuck goo.

Why do we hang on to those last threads of old identity, old patterns, old hurts? I don’t know. My gut says it is lodged deep in a mystery place within our psyche and soul. A place we don’t even know how anchored we are.

The answer is to allow the space for sacred time. We may go over the same stories a hundred times. Each time, we’ll need to test to see if we are entrenching to impossible levels, or if we are Grand Canyoning, like the Colorado River which has and continues to wear away the layers.

There is a consciousness to our work. We must be clear about what we are doing. And if possible, that means being clear, or getting clear, about the limits of our ability to grow at this point. When we hit that wall, we have options. Pausing, taking a different tact, praying, journaling….lots of ways to climb out of the trench or clear another layer.

There is unconsciousness to our work. Behind our own velvet curtain of awareness is a constant hum of energetic connections. Knowing this, we can pay attention to how and why we react to certain people or situations, we can approach discomfort with curiosity, we can actively engage the notion of projection to see in others what we cannot yet see in ourselves. Our mind, heart, body, spirit is always working toward our growth. But your collective consciousness is a determining factor as to how far you take your growth.

You are not alone. You need not face any of this alone. That would be silly. Community is real, not just part of a name on a sign. A community can be 2 people or 20 or 200. If I am who you’ve got, then you’ve got a community member who is in it for the long haul of your soul’s flourishing. My superpower is seeing that potential in you.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Let’s get to work.

With Love,