Inner Adult

Summer is most often a time for letting loose, toes in the sand, heat of the sun baking the stress right out of your pores.

I want to invite you into a very different summer cycle: that of the inner adult. Not much fun sounding, eh? Nope. But oh, the rewards.

Now is the time to do some soul exploration. Find your garden seat, your cafe table, your lap with a journal.

  1. make two lists

  2. one list: what is holding you back (that you love, that is part of you, that you know is no longer in your highest interest…..such as behaviors, beliefs about yourself, characteristics that you excuse, etc)

  3. one list: what you will repattern, add in, draft for a new way of being

There is energy right now to support this work. It is always swirling around us, in the stars, with the planets, through conjunctions and sextiles and cosmic squares. No one needs to know much about astrology, or even believe in it, to benefit from what it has to offer.

The whole of the cosmos are in order. Period. Not for the sake of humankind, not with an earth/human orientation. It is all in order. Period. It is perfection. It is abundant and slow and swift and revolutionary and transformative and comforting.

The sun is our most powerful star. We live and die, literally, by it. The moon is guardian of our tides. The cosmos are in a dance that has been going on for eternity and into eternity. Why do we fight this so much? For Christians, there is a fear of offending God, or removing God from “his” rightful throne. But it is that God of Christian understanding which put those planets and stars into orbits. Orbits and locations that are mind blowing. So, ok, I’ll go easy on the folks who can’t yet wrap their minds around the universe.

We are in a phases of retrogrades right now. Some are long, some are fast, some happen several times a year and some come and go only once in a generation. Retrograde simply means that were you to observe a planet’s orbit through a telescope, it would appear to be moving backwards. From an astrological viewpoint, we note where in our charts it is moving over 3 times during its retrograde pass; for that is where the personal work is to be done.

But, even if you don’t want to hear all of that…..don’t worry. It is enough to just engage in the growth assignment that I’ve already listed above. It never hurts us to review where we’ve been so we can let loose and move on. Like shaking yesterday’s sand out of the swimsuit, so we can get it back on the next day.

To your growth and with love,