The path to health

There is no path to health.

None that can be marked on a map.

But make a map, you will.

The cartographers of old, had to sail the seven seas through storm and gale, through calm and sun, through drought and scurvy to reach land, and land again. They didn’t always get it right. Columbus thought he landed in India. He was wrong. You are going to be wrong. But you are also going to be right.

For that is the way of it. We journey through deserts and amazonian jungle rivers without a guide, sherpa, or camel. Just ourselves putting a foot here and then there.

Along the way of our journey toward wholeness, we will meet people. We will engage modalities of energy. We will be listened to. We will listen to ourselves. We will learn what our own lived symbolism means.

But you are the only one who can map your journey.

However. The good news.

You are not alone. You are never lost. You can create homebase to come back to, to reflect in, to regather bearings, to get a second opinion. And then go out there again.

When we take our journey on the road, we will eventually learn that the truest journey is within. When you reach a critical mass of wholeness, you’ll know that you can engage your own journey from anywhere. But still, go and be challenged. Go and flourish. Come back to home base ready for the next level.

Do it.

Peace and Courage,