Children in Cages

There are children in cages.

Don’t look away.

Let your heart be broken.

Weep at the thought of your own kids, unwashed, poorly fed, sick, separated from mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters.

Be angry, not at parents who “illegally” bring their children across a southern border. Be angry at political machinations over decades which have left central and south America reeling with poverty, gangs, and no safety. Be angry that the choice is to stay and die, stay and watch your children die/be raped/forced into gangs…..or seek asylum in a country with vast wealth. (seeking asylum is legal).

I have known friends who have traveled for fun and broken an arm or gotten sick in Cuba, England, Sweden, Iceland, Canada….and they go to the hospital are seen, treated and released for under $100. People traveling for fun or education. Optional. No threat of death or loss of children.

But here, where we have the potential for greatness, choose to cage children.

Karma is real. It is also known as cause and effect. You’ve heard of that? We cannot cage thousands of children, mistreat them, demean them, treat them worse than we treat animals, and then be surprised when they grow up and wage war on the US. We are the world we are creating. And it isn’t pretty. Or nice. Or kind. And most certainly not Christian.

So, what are you going to do?

I’m giving money. TogetherRising is where I’m sending my money. It is Glennon Doyle’s organization. She receives no money from this nonprofit. She has kept it administratively nimble so your $10 $20 $100 is used in direct care to reunite families.

What are you going to do?

It is not yet too late. But it soon will be. Let us turn the tide of the story. Let us match the deplorable governmental decisions with high vibration of matchless love. It is not too late.

May your peace be disrupted,