What lies beneath

We arrive for conversation and reflection. We’re pretty sure that X is the topic and the sharing begins.

But beneath the safe public topic on the surface, roils the real, the raw, the unready. So scary to let loose our real feelings and name our flaws, tiredness, and maybe the biggest scariest secret….how we think we really could do this incredible thing.

In the studio here, we get to claim it all.

  • You get to claim your brilliance, no apologies

  • You get to claim your fears

  • You get to claim your anger, you know the kind that turns your beautiful face into a twisted hurtful mask

  • You get to claim that you see things different from everyone around you

  • You get to claim your defense, your depression, your daring

  • You get to claim you

You get to claim you.

And you better. In a world where competition is the norm, and we weigh losers against winners, we can be led to believe that we have to be first, best, A+, exceptional. But the truth is, we cannot do it all. We can’t. A great old quote is attributed to Thomas Edison when asked why he had so many assistants. Edison suggested that if he could do it all, he would. But he couldn’t, so…assistants.

I love the model of any person, event, idea, task being a hologram. I bring the view from my side, you bring the view from your side, she brings the view from up top, he brings the view from the opposite side, and they bring the view from inside. Together we see a greater hologram, bigger image, a more refined possibility.

This idea that no one person can do it all is behind the best of a country when acting with integrity. It is what makes an organization run best. It is where invention takes off. It is how housework gets done and playtime for all is celebrated. I can’t do it all. You can’t do it all.

It is imperative that you know who you are for real. It is imperative that they/she/he knows the truth of self. Only in this way can we get it created. Whatever “it” is.

My sister is amazing. She runs a piano studio and a daycare. On any given day, she has infants, non-verbal toddlers, and preschoolers. They all get crayons and cardboard scraps. They all imagine and create. Everyone is doing so at their skill level, at their imagination level. At their own level. And all are celebrated. There isn’t a sense that the little ones have to wait 3 years before their scribbles look like dogs. Doesn’t matter. It takes them all to create art that day. (So many days I wish I was a preschooler at my sister’s daycare).

We don’t get participation ribbons if we don’t participate. What we offer and contribute adds to truth, like spicy ginger in the cake. It makes it better.

Know yourself. And if you don’t, then get yourself in to see me so we can begin.

Right now.

Times’a wastin’.

With eagerness for you to shine,