Holding the Hope

It is the third week in January….what have you continued to be successful at since your new years resolution making? I’m proud of you for that! Success is hard work, but the sustaining of a new change often indicates the right timing of a thing.

What were you hoping to change but you screwed up the next day? Take note. Not of the screw up, but that something in you is preparing for a change but now isn’t quite the right time.

I think about all the times I’ve said “No More X” Only to put it in my mouth, or spend the money or repeat the old habit in the next breath.

Something….Something inside of me held a hope. And it will continue to hold a hope toward that day when it is the right time.

So, for every resolution made and broken, I say “Alright!”

For every new pattern thwarted by the old pattern, I say “Next Time!”

For every bite of something that our mouth tells us is comfort but our bodies weep from the inflammation, I say “Keep trying!”

Because the next time might be the right time.

Have you put down someone else’s attempts to improve their life? Go and apologize. You were not a truth teller. You were a wet blanket putting out a fire.

Have you derided someone’s vision of themselves that is different from their current situation? Take a good look deep inside because it is likely you who desire the change but lacks the support.

Have you made fun of the Gillette commercials that are supporting a strong masculinity rather than a toxic masculinity? Then you are who the commercials are aimed at.

I stand with you in your personal terror toward change, in your hopelessness that keeps others down, in your pipsqueak of a dream that you can be your best self.

I hear the pip. I see you. Its what I do so you can do you.

Holding the Hope,