More than good thoughts

January 1, 2019

It will take more than Hope, Prayer, Good Thoughts to step into the new year in a new way.

We must be clear about what it is we want, or others who have a clearer vision will co-opt us into their plans. We’ll end up wondering how we got there and not where we wanted to be.

Hope that is a real thing, and keeps us going in the dark of night, but you have to actually keep going.

Prayer connects us to a transcendent reality that is Sacred. This reality always invites us into the incarnation, which takes flesh, bones, muscle and sweat.

So take action.

Dream those good thoughts into clarity and then act.

Hope for the impossible to be possible, and then act.

Pray without ceasing, with gratitude, and then act.


Act as if your life depended upon it. For it does.

Act, take a step, make a choice, clear your house, call someone you’ve offended, give money to the poor, step up your game at work so that you are proud of yourself, give up sugar, drink coffee black……

Act in whatever way your soul needs for you to act, so that 2019 is not a repeat of 2018. So that 2019 isn’t entered into without a conscious plan. So that 2019 takes you further than you’ve ever thought.


With you,