We interrupt our regularly scheduled......

Hapax is changing. You can surely tell by the can't-miss-it Persimmon Studio logo. I've been hinting at it for some time, and making some bolder statements recently.

Here's the happening......

Hapax Spiritual Direction has been redesigned into Persimmon Studio. What began with an unpronounceable name, a name that is obscure but layered with meaning, and the birthing of a new practice.....has grown exponentially over 6 years to become a broader range of services and founder's purpose.

So, friggin' exciting.

Spiritual Direction remains the core and primary offering that I bring to my beloved clients. The creating of sacred space for deep listening remains the principal focus as clients sit in the blue chair or we meet voice to voice over phone/zoom. I am listening so that you can listen. I am witnessing YOU so that YOU can witness you.  This leads us to personal formation, spiritual connection, human consciousness.

On May 15, I transition from full time at Bethany Theological Seminary, to part time, allowing an increase in the Persimmon plan: mornings will be for long health walks and added morning sessions, Mondays will be a day off to be with my hard-working husband.

I am committed to a smooth and sacred transition in student development for Bethany Theological Seminary. I love Bethany and her mission and am invested in a thorough handoff to the next director of student development. Once this hiring and training time has taken place, likely in the summer, I will move to the full Persimmon plan.

What is the Persimmon plan? It is a holistic plan for balance and well-being. It is professional and personal.

  • 23 client sessions for you to choose from each week
  • morning sessions
  • professional growth to ensure I continue to offer YOU my best and growing self
  • writing projects: 1) an e-book for the plush pilgrim who wants to walk the Camino de Santiago, 2) a co-written book with Bennett on body and life poetics, 3) a yet-to-be-named community piece that celebrates the way Richmond spaces bring conversations and growth, photos by Turner
  • continued development of my cosmic woo woo offering: soul realignment
  • morning health walks of significant length
  • home-cooking!
  • creating a purposeful and  minimalist lifestyle
  • coordinated schedules with Kurt/Whitewater Acupuncture so that we actually see one another
  • Alfie time
  • regular visits with my 86 year old mother, who is a rock star and I don't want to miss her aging and sage-ing years, with the added joy of seeing my sister Cindy, who inspires my heart.

It is a BIG LEAP that will necessitate enormous changes in current habits and patterns born from a deeply loved office life, generous professional income, student and institutional focus. It is cliffside to cliffside, I expect the gap in between to make me airborne.

This leap requires my whole self.

I can't wait.

Love to all,