Enough into Abundance

I have an awkward relationship with the author Brene’ Brown. She has brought into common language the concept of You Are Enough. I applaud this.

I also have caution around this.

Brene’ is coming from a place of perfectionism, from a place within where the narrative is so strong that you must do more, be more, know more, show more, grow more, have more. You don’t. None of us do. We are most certainly enough.

This is a third dimensional, material plane way of thinking. We are 3D people and must operate on the material plane of lawns, cars, meals, homework and soccer games. If this dimension is where you are stuck, then let’s get to work on this notion that more is required of you. They way about this is to find out who you are and match the “enough” to you personally. My enough is going to look different than your enough.

I want to add in the 4th and 5th dimension into this equation. Because this is honestly much more interesting, than managing your schedule or to do list and doing self care with bubble baths.

When we tap into who we are at soul level, our most innate gifts and ways to be in the world, then we move from enough into abundance. It is like discovering we have a bank account that our great grandparents set up for us and has been gathering interest for 80 years and you have a boat-load of money you didn’t know about.

We can stay on the surface of our living, taking cues from a culture that is entwined with capitalism and business bottom line. Think about it: fashion has become toxic to impoverished people in other countries who are working day and night to feed the fashion machine in the United States because we have to keep buying the next the new the last thing we need to fit in. The corporations get richer and we become poor in spirit because we can never attain an arrival. So we keep buying whatever we’re told. Until we say “I’m enough”…and we know that we’ve been tricked into thinking our material possessions and busy lifestyles have been foisted upon us, and we are mere peons to the corporate machine.

Bummer, eh?

There is another layer to consider.

That is the essential nature of our true selves. Not the striving self, the superficial self, the struggling self.

This is our surprise bank account that opens us into abundance and beyond enough.

The world has limits: enough

The culture defines us for its own good: enough

Our schedules are busy busy: enough

Our unique strengths: abundance

Our creative path forward: abundance

Our deepening self awareness: abundance

Our meaning making in the world that allows us to express ourselves and to be there for our neighbor’s good: abundance

You are already enough. And so much more.