Bottom of the Breath

This morning I am listening

I breathe in deep, and my mind is awash with a myriad of tasks, thoughts, words, images

I breathe out and they settle

I breathe in and I listen to the sound of the in-breath

I breathe out and note my diaphragm in action

I breathe in and then I breathe out and I stay in that place

That place between breathes

That place of the little death

Where it is still

My mind enters the words Om Shanti Ananda

Om Shanti Ananda

And then I breathe in deep again

I breathe out to the point of stillness

Om Shanti Ananda

I listen to that space that is on the verge of waiting, of action, of dying

I breathe in and I breathe out to the bottom of the breathe

and let go