I jogged today and I felt strong

Today I jogged for the first time in 30 years. Let me tell you the story. Some of you have been following my life changing decision to rescue (who rescued who, is always the question) a little white elderly Maltese. This was in April 2016. Alfie joined our household and turned my mornings inside out. According to plan. Sometimes we walk long, sometime half the long, and sometimes just up the alley by our house. He walks ahead or behind with his tail like a flag, super happy to suck in all the animal smells that have been typed out like a book at the base of a tree, a fence post, a tall patch of grass. Stories that dogs and other critters leave for one another.

On this particular morning, Alfie was off doing his thing in our alley and the vacant lot that is like a starbucks of smells and excitement to many animals. As I stood there I heard the word "jog" inside my head. And it was met without resistance. Curiosity for sure, but no resistance. Around the corner to the straightaway home Alfie shot like a bullet, and I loped into a jog.

It was a gentle jog, feet barely lifting, but arms and knees and lungs and legs all seemed to know the posture and what to do. It was just a half a block, the length of the alley. But I jogged without resistance.

This has been a year to allow my body to catch up with my spiritual/emotional/mental health. I've worked hard on my interior space right alongside my clients. Growth points noted nearly every day. There have been some major mind blowing relational events that not only turned corners but took me/us onto a whole new path with no return to the old paradigm.

My body, however, has been the final frontier. Off and on I've done this or that. about 5 years ago I swore off dieting because I only gained all that was lost plus some. In those 5 years Ihave stayed steady. Sure, I would like to lose, but I most certainly do not want to gain more. So, steady was fine. 

This past year, walking Alfie, I entered into the final framework of focus. Alfie got me out each day, and then I made the decision in June to do a walking pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago in Spain to take place June 2017. Tickets, shoes, and backpack are bought. I'm doing it.

My first order of training was to become a walker. That meant to take seriously the morning dog walk. Then it meant to keep walking even as I got plantar fasciitis in the summer. At some point in the fall, I realized that I had been walking through the pain for months, never quitting the program. 

The training became the pilgrimage.

I was a walker.

February hit and as planned I needed to increase my activity. I jointed Planet Fitness. I love our local joint. I like the harder, more focused pace and purpose that I can achieve on the treadmill than when I'm accompanying my dog on his sniffing, poo-ing way. In March I added 3x a week the whole body circuit of strength training. I.Love.This.

Apparently, so does my body.

So who did I hear say "jog" in the alley? My inner guidance? Higher Self? Alfie? God? I don't know. In the 100 step back cosmic view the voice came from within the universe itself, which is located inside of me. Perhaps I needed to energize my core before my ears could hear its desire.

AND THIS IS THE POINT: Big miracles happen when we work on our whole self. Heart Soul Mind Body. There is magic, sacred magic, blessing, abundance when we see ourselves as a whole being and grow accordingly. For me it meant one element at a time with a bit of overlap. But the walking was the shinging final piece.

Oh, and I have given up coffee. A big deal (have you been to my resonance website? Full of coffee photos). I feel a gazillion times better, freer, unchained, even keeled. 2 notches on my marking wall. walking and no coffee. What is next? I don't know. But it will be amazing.