Thinking Thinking Thinking

Yesterday, I watched body language of someone who asked "How are you doing?" The question was to me, after I had listened to her tell me her latest adventure. The body language I saw, was like watching a balloon deflate before my eyes. The interest literally left her eyes. And it never came back. She asked a few more questions of interest, but her eyes gave her away. What they gave away, I'm unclear: boredom? disinterest? jealousy? disbelief?

What I also noticed was how while I shared a rising passion of mine, something that once in place will change my life significantly, I felt life surge through me. And when I caught the interest leaving her eyes like an empty shell, I did not get ruffled by it. I took note of that. I was not sad, or angry, or put off. It was a true and clear sense of knowing where I am headed, and if others want to join me or not, that was up to them. I'm on my way.

This is sort of new for me. I tend to have a radar personality. I go into a room and read it for emotions and dynamics, looking for the wall flowers and the take chargers. I get my bearings and then I know what me to step forward with. The authenticity is there, but to varying degrees of my truest self. Like on a scale of 1-5 in Amy-ness.

What other people think of me has always mattered. And I used to correct myself accordingly.

Less so now. This is the outcome of tapping into my essential nature, my soul blueprint. I know who I am and the work I'm to do, and so my guidance system is based from the sacred within rather than the chaotic without.

Join me in unveiling your essential nature.