Two days ago, I forgot my son's birthday

Sure, a month earlier I had asked what he wanted and he reminded me that I had bought a ticket to Spain for him, so that we could do a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. Pretty good gift. But I forgot his birthday. The days before were a flood of days without dates, as I road tripped for work (my current beloved day gig) and thought only in terms of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Tuesday meant that I was home. I had assigned no meaning to it other than rest. It was not February 21. Had I been tuned into the date, I would have tuned into the full memory of his birth, his smirking face the first time he saw me, the pleasant balm that infused the space around his head. Had I been alert to something more than Tuesday, I would have stepped into that flow of artistic quirk that was his childhood and growing and becoming. Now he is 23. A young man, living a funky life of coffee, art, and music, smirking still but with a sense of hidden meaning.

Our lives are to be lived in a vibrant awareness, with whatever markers we choose to create by leading the way. Do we have side gigs or imposed obligations that are taking away the very center of our being in this lifetime? I'm pretty adept at crafting a day, a week, a season to explore and explode into oncoming alignment...but I get caught every now and then. At those moments, I right myself, like dumping water from an overturned kayak, and catch the flow downstream again.

You are invited into the flow, into the rapids, into the vehicle of your own making as you and i set a course toward an awakened and conscious life. We work with esoteric, non-material knowledge and insight, that is pure in intent, and sacred in purpose. Set backs are moments to regroup and there is never judgement. Even when we miss a grown child's birthday.

Let's use all the resources at our fingertips and soul sources at our breath's intake and make a creative focus for you. Your personal, unique vibration in this universe will carry you forward.






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