Self Care in the New Year

I am lucky to live in a small city that is full to the brim of the oil jar with amazing massage therapists. When I visit my own, she brings out all the tools: hot rocks. oil, warm towels, deep tissue massage, and foot massage for the back. A.Maz.Ing.

I've been getting massages once a month for 14 years. I did have to change that up to 6 weeks so I could afford the poo poo platter that my massage therapist offers. It is a provision of reliable, steady, expected, count-on-able self-care. 

It is the new year, and like it or not, we may find ourselves thinking about those resolutions, those best intentions, those visions of a new me, a new you, dancing in our heads. But action is more difficult. And because life is hard, we think about self-care. Wouldn't it be nice to work a reiki session, a massage, a pedi, a long walk into a semi-regular routine for our own well being?


Those lovely moments dissipate quickly if we have not done our truest self-care. And this is what I want to invite you into for 2018. A year of facing yourself.  The best self-care is taking care of the hardest things.

  • quitting a job that robs you of your best self
  • facing the death of a marriage
  • rewriting your old, no-more-of-use false narratives into works of art
  • facing my most unkind habits
  • mustering courage to ask for a raise, to ask someone out, to let loose a toxic friendship
  • to forgive ourselves, to forgive another
  • peel off the layers of shame and guilt
  • courageously live through what cannot be changed
  • become your truest self

This is self-care.

How do you go about starting such a vulnerable endeavor as facing your life? I am biased, but I would say go get a spiritual director. It isn't counseling because that likely isn't what you need. Unless it is, and then go get a great therapist. Spiritual direction is more about you finding you and then finding the Divine there too, than it is about exploring who God is. It is that. But don't get hung up on the God stuff. God does self-care and doesn't need us to ignore ourselves. Get hung up on the YOU stuff, and discover your own sacredness that is God's sacredness as well. 

What is it that you are most afraid to face?

         What is it that you know you'll have to deal with directly                sooner or later?

What would it look like to own the process instead of stumbling into bad process?

We, spiritual directors, are here to witness, nudge, guide, affirm, carefully caution, offer questions....all so that you can mature.

This is self-care.

I'm ready for your life.