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Soul Realignment

 Own the Woo Woo

  • discover your soul's divine gifts

  • claim your soul characteristics

  • identify ongoing karmic issues for release

  • learn about choice and consequence on a cosmic scale

  • release the past

  • choose your future by divine design

  • It is the awakening to your finite and infinite self

Amy offers direct and purposeful guidance for those who wish to press forward in creating shifts and changes in their lives. This work is built on intuitive readings that put us in touch with our essential nature, our ever evolving self, all at soul level. It is cosmic and non-material in nature. These reading/reports can be a one-off tool, or part of an extended coaching and support process. It is a process of lifting a veil that choices have placed upon you, obscuring your truest self. It takes an open mind and a bit of courage to step outside of the known and acceptable box most of us are in, out into a boundless mystical arena.

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It is mystery. It is living, pulsing, awe-striking mystery.

Caution: this has every potential to change your life

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Direct and purposeful guidance

to bring your life into natural harmony with your essential nature.

What do YOU have to say about your life?

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