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Soul ReAlignment: the basics

We use information from the Akashic Records. This is an energetic reality, where all of our soul's lives, choices, decisions, thoughts, actions, desires, fears are imprinted onto the cosmic page, the substance of the universe.

We read to find what blocks and restrictions, also known as negative karma, are currently hampering your ability to live closest to your soul's alignment with its origination. Origination is key. Clearing is the objective.

Amy prepares a report based on your birth information and this intuitive reading. We'll meet by phone, in person or by Zoom to go over the findings. There are 4 parts to the reading:

  1. Soul Profile: your soul's blueprint at origination

  2. Blocks and Restrictions: negative karma made through choice

  3. Soul Stories or 'past lives' that hold the root choice of that negative karma

  4. Clearing statement: client has a 21 day spiritual practice of reciting prepared clearing statements

It is mystery and beyond. It is also very real and actionable for gaining strength and confidence to now be your truest and most authentic self. Life will change. How and in what aspect of your living is up to you.


Imagine for a moment a person under a veil. All their lives they have viewed events and experienced life from under the veil. The veil is the negative karma. Through this process of the here and now, our mental understanding and the 5th dimensional work in the akashic records, the veil/negative karma falls away and the person is free to live in alignment without veiled sight.


To your well being.



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