Soul Work

This is where we get down to the core of your wounds

to discover the seeds of your essential being

There is no plan. Each soul guides its own process of going down to the trigger points, remaining there, overcoming and coming back out. It is a process as old as the human race: orientation, disorientation, reorientation. It is seen in Dante’s Infernal as the pilgrim goes into the 9 levels of hell, meets the beast, rises upwards through pergatory, into paradise.

It is the only way through. It is intensive work. We work together to design the time frame.

15 hours of guided work

  • 9 hours with Amy

  • 5 integrated hours to be designed by your need and choice; Whatever combination you wish

    • shamanic work with Jan Zoya

    • astrological work with Divine Harmony

    • path and purpose coaching with Courtney Hess

    • all three additional professionals are personally vetted and known by Persimmon Studio

  • Additional hours depend on the design. Plan to put 20-50+ hours of personal reflection, and the rest of your life

These sessions are in studio with Amy present. Between times, there is journaling, doodling, artwork, music, dance, sacred rage walls, expression of the body. There is meditation and contemplation. There is relinquishment.

We design our rituals during and at the end of each session to honor the unique movement that has taken place. Amy works in the moment, attuned to you and what has been revealed and what is waiting.

We will use silence, traditional methods, nature’s tools, somatic tools.

You will cry, gasp, go numb, tune in, rage, understand, let go.

Letting go is the goal for our work, so that you can continue to craft your life from freedom and knowing rather than running, hiding, blindly blaming others.

You will be completely safe.

You will face your demons with a guide who has faced hers.

Personal Investment:

  • In-Studio: $1500 for professional guidance (includes the choice to work with the three additional guides)

  • Retreat: $2400, includes guidance, urban retreat lodging and food, includes transportation from Richmond to Indianapolis, but excludes travel to Richmond or direct travel to Indianapolis

  • journals

  • personal ritual items: singing bowl, essential oils, feathers, meditation cushion,

  • changed lifestyle, assumptions, relationships

Design Possibilities:

A. In Studio, non-retreat: Session I will be an intensive 4 hour session, all sessions after that will be crafted to meet the schedule of the client, likely in 2 hour session lengths over a self-determined amount of time.

B. Richmond Retreat: This is for those who reside within driving distance of Richmond Indiana and wish to have an intensive weekend for sharp focus. Friday 6pm - Sunday 6pm. Meals on your own.

C. Urban Retreat: This is for an immersion experience away from familiar spaces and patterns. We’ll go to a private artist’s home in the Irvington area of Indianapolis Indiana. The client will be in solitude from 10pm - 7am Friday and Saturday night. A walking trail is located a few blocks from the retreat site for walking meditation.

Let’s talk about safety

Emotional Safety: Know that we will be going into your deepest secrets of shame, guilt, inadequacies, and all the spaces that keep you actively repressing a wound. You will not be pushed beyond what you are ready to face, speak, divulge. Even as we push stories into the light, you can expect compassionate guidance. Amy holds to a high standard of confidentiality, unless she becomes aware that you or someone might be in harms way.

Physical Safety: Your body is your own. Respect sets the tone. Often our deepest wounds arise from the neglect or abuse of the body. Amy offers only appropriate maternal touch, that of an Ama; hands held, maternal embrace, supportive hug. These are only at the initiation of the client, and limited even then. Amy also expects safety of her physical space, especially during any moments of anger or rage expression. She has good boundaries that will protect her and respect you.

Psychological Safety: Amy is not a therpaist. But she is well versed in the human condition. Should the client at any moment become mentally disoriented or undone, we will together seek appropriate professionals to meet the extraordinary need. In less traumatic terms, you can expect Amy to be forthright, kind, and truthful, never one to play games with your well being.

Spiritual Safety: You are guided by experts who meet exceptional standards of respect, care, belief, openness, personal transformation. We are a fearless team, grounded in spiritual experience.