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Agreement, Signature Strength survey and Persimmon Start Up

for Working Together Through Spiritual Direction

Amy S. Gall Ritchie, Spiritual Director, Coach

This is a lengthy agreement, survey and questionnaire. Plan for an hour for both the Signature Strength survey and the Persimmon Start Up questions. (Really? An hour? Really. It is a deep investment in yourself.) You are invited to spend some time in private contemplation of all the questionnaire questions, and answer only the ones you wish to.


I, Amy Ritchie, follow a Code of Ethics which ensures the confidentiality of the stories, goals, vulnerable information shared for each person who works with me. You may read the full Code of Ethics which I follow as a spiritual director and a coach. You can expect to have my full attention and respect in each session. You can expect a space of non-judgment, full acceptance, loving kindness, perspective, spiritual connection and love. We will meet your goals together. You can expect to be safe in the physical studio, on the phone or on Zoom. You are free to conclude the working relationship at any time without explanation, and will receive understanding appreciation and respect in return. You are here voluntarily, and are free to explore or not explore any aspect of your life and growth as you wish. By making an appointment and keeping it, you are signifying permission for Amy to engage you with deep listening and care-filled challenge, and to receive encouragement in all things.

If you agree to this understanding of the environment of our work together, coaching and spiritual direction you will receive, and know that you are in charge of the agenda, please sign below. I, Amy Ritchie, pledge my genius and excellence to you.

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Before you complete the questionnaire, you will need to take the VIA Signature Strength survey (30 minutes)

Persimmon Questionnaire

What are important aspects of spiritual direction for you? Check all that apply.
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