Ritchie Home & Informal Hostel

Whitewater Acupuncture

Persimmon Studio

simple guest space for WarmShowers bike riders, Bethany Theological Seminary students, and friends

41 S 20th Street, Richmond IN 47374

Directions: We are located in the first block south of US 40/National Road East. It is a one way street, with parking on the left side. Our’s is a pointy white house, red gate at the curb. Walk on in either the front or back door, the dogs will announce you. If you arrive during clinic hours, Kurt may not be available for immediate greetings. Make yourselves at home in the front room till he comes out, or go on upstairs to the room with your name on the door. (at the top of the stairs, turn right and there will be 3 guest rooms, one of them will have your name on it)

Kurt’s phone: 765-277-0321

Amy’s phone: 765-967-0657

When we became the owners/stewards of this grand old property, it was with an intention toward Kurt’s acupuncture practice and Amy’s spiritual direction practice having space. In addition to the first floor practices, we have 3 guest rooms upstairs. These we are delighted to offer to bike riders, students, friends passing through.

Our second floor is offered more as a hostel than a guest house. Kurt and Amy totally love having the guest rooms being used as free bed space. You are free to come and go as needed. Because our first floor is clinic space in a family atmosphere, we prioritize our patients. Noise and personal items are to be kept in your personal space. Thanks! However, after the last client leaves, feel free to read by the fire in the front room.

We will correspond with you before you arrive. There will be a specially designated colored scarf on your bedroom door.

 Back entrance from the south alley. Back porch is wonderful in three seasons.

Back entrance from the south alley. Back porch is wonderful in three seasons.

What to expect:

  • Clean sheets, blankets, towels

  • Full use of kitchen and bathrooms: for longer stays, you’ll be given counter and fridge space for your cooking needs

  • We don’t normally plan to cook meals for guests (hostel style) but what we do make you’re welcome to. It is always best to ask about ingredients. :) Kurt is a very creative cook, outside of norms. ha ha.

  • Parking on the street, we suggest you not leave anything visible in the car. We live in an active neighborhood with a variety of good folks, and a drug house. So, practice caution but don’t be worried.

  • Bikers should ride up the south alley along our property to our back yard entrance. Bikes will be stored in the garage.

  • 2 dogs!

  • In the winter, for students staying for two weeks, we ask for $50 for the whole stay. This coves added utility costs and allows us to bump up the furnace use to warm up the upstairs and your sleep/study spaces. We tend to keep it cool at night. Bring flannel jammies.

  • Plan ahead, but check in for last minute needs. One never knows. Last minute cancellations are just fine.

  • Don’t expect us to provide entertainment or long evening conversations. We love our guests immensely, but the evening is everyone’s wind down time. Check in with other student guests, as they may have evening homework to focus on.

  • Wifi info network info in provided in each room

  • If you are hoping for some acupuncture, please make an appointment on Kurt’s webpage whitewateracupuncture.com. He may be able to squeeze you in, but as an introvert in a high people profession, he is usually done done at the end of his day. :)

  • For breakfast we recommend AJ’s Diner within walking distance, and either Roscoe’s East or Roscoe’s Depot.

  • Warmshowers Bike riders are provided with a hearty pancake breakfast for your day’s ride.

It’s pretty chill and relaxed. We hope it is welcoming.

History Buff? Read on….

This house was built in 1852, when hundreds of farm and wood acerage were bought by the Quaker businessman, Mordecai Perry. This was the “original farmhouse” built outside of the eastern city limits back in the day. Perry was a blacksmith, wheelwright, carriage maker. He was “weighty” in Quaker terms, and we believe the house was used on the underground railroad. Perry provided funds for an educational hall to be built in the early years of Earlham College, the building is no longer there. Perry had 3 wives, not at the same time…ha ha, all from the upper eschelon’s of Richmond’s business elite. His 3rd wife was given a choice 40 acres upon his death, and she chose the land on the south side of National Road right across from Glen Miller Park. Well done, Martha. Her beautiful, custom home is still privately owned and can be seen in its grand glory as you drive by the park. Our house, which we call 41, was held in possession by a variety of folks, many of them associated with Earlham College. The property has a healing vibration to it, and our clients find a peace that aids in their healing ventures in our home. The neighborhood is a busy mix of owners/renters/professionals/underemployed/drug dealer/families/singles. We all seem to get along to a certain degree (well, we’d like the drug house to be shut down…cops are working on it). Kurt and Amy feel safe and happy in this location.

Kurt and Amy are not restorationists, and are bit by bit shoring up the foundation, rooflines, and bringing some of the rooms out of the 1980s. She is an old house. You’ll not find a grand interior. You will find welcome and love.