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Soul Realignment readings


Foundational Reading

Soul ReAlignment

Through a finely crafted protocol, created to tap into our Akashic Records, Amy creates an in-depth, detailed report. This foundational reading is required before any of the other readings may take place.

Additional and Ongoing Readings

Spirit Guide

We discover in the foundational reading that we each have a spirit team, or spiritual committee. This reading provides details to help you work with this spiritual reality of wisdom and guidance.



Have you ever had the sense that you've lived many lifetimes with a person? Sometimes we have. The relationship reading allows us to enter into the connective energetics of spouses, parent/child, friends, lovers. It is a rich reading that allows us to see what is at the core of our struggles or joys.


Manifesting Blueprint

Each soul is unique, and each unique soul has a unique way to bring about change in their life. This reading helps us to see how you are best able to manifest vibrational shifts in order to create the life that best supports the expression of your soul.


Property Clearing

This is a reading to check in on the energetic disturbances of a property. To request this reading, the client must be the owner or renter of the property. Often, disturbances go back decades, or the land reflects the first impacting use (beyond the pure original intent).  This is not done onsite, and the client receives an emailed report.


Sneak Peak

This is a very brief taste of the full foundational reading. It is a way to get your soul's toes wet if you are not sure you want to plunge all the way in.




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