Welcome to the journey of Personal and Spiritual Growth

Name of the person who referred you (there is a thank you gift waiting for them) *
Name of the person who referred you (there is a thank you gift waiting for them)

On this website you’ll discover several ways to go deep into your own inner being. Read more about each service from the main menu options. For your quick reference,

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Coaching for empowerment to live the life you want to live

  • Soul ReAlignment, an informative and rather cosmic process of going deeper into soul work

If you want to have a brief conversation with Amy before you schedule an appointment, feel free to select the Introductory Call (15 minutes) on the Scheduling page. This is at no cost to you and allows you to ask some questions.

You can meet with Amy 3 ways:

  • In-Person, Amy lives in Richmond Indiana and her studio is located in the home she shares with husband Kurt, his acupuncture practice, two dogs. Its a big, old house and our spiritual direction space is private. There will be tea and hugs, but neither are required.

  • Phone, this is an easy way to connect that allows you to close your eyes, put your feet up, and enter into contemplative space as the conversation unfolds.

  • Zoom Online: Amy will send you a link for a Zoom room and you’ll meet face to face over the internet.

Amy offers space for honest reflection, questions of faith and life’s meaning, judgment-free listening. You are a complex human on a journey that is sacred. That is where we begin together.

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If you have mental health concerns that might be triggered, let's be in conversation beforehand so that good self-care is taken and you have all the information needed to go forward. Thank you.