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Immersion Road Trip: National Memorial for Peace and Justice

An engagement with the discomfort and growing awareness of our white privilege as we engage the truths at the "Lynching Memorial"

Spring 2019, Summer 2019

In April 2018, a new memorial was opened in Montgomery, Alabama. This memorial is sacred space for reflection and contemplation of the thousands of Black Americans whose lynchings were motivated by the color of their skin, slights to white superiority, and supported strategy to keep black women and men down.

Spiritual Director/Host: Amy S.  Gall Ritchie

This road trip is for groups of 2-3 women who wish to look full on at their own white privilege in an honest place to be fully present, challenged and changed. We will travel, experience and contemplate in a 3 day road trip retreat.

Book for conversation guidance: Stamped from the Beginning: Definitive Guide to Racists Ideas in America, by Ibram X Kendi

Cost: $275 per person for 4 persons ($350 for 3 persons): includes transportation from Richmond IN, road trip snacks, 3 breakfasts, 1 picnic lunch, 2 suppers, museum/memorial tickets, lodging. Those at a distance from Richmond Indiana will want to fly into the Indianapolis International Airport or the Dayton International Airport to join in the road trip. Car Talk is essential to the fullness of the experience. $150 deposit at time of registration. Deposit non-refundable 7 days or less prior to road trip. The rest due to be paid in full on the first day of the trip.

Extra Costs: 2 lunches, solo spiritual direction sessions $40 each, other personal expenses.



National Memorial for Peace and Justice: Lynching Memorial

National Memorial for Peace and Justice: Lynching Memorial

Day 1

  • leave Richmond Indiana at 6:00am

  • snacks and picnic lunch provided

  • Car Talk: 2 - 3 hours to get to know one another, the rest of the travel time will set the tone of group reflection on the book and the experience

  • arrive in Huntsville, Alabama for 2 nights at a whole house rental through Airbnb

  • supper prepared together

  • evening time for private or small group reflections

  • solo spiritual direction sessions with Amy available

Day 2

  • breakfast then leave Birmingham at 8:30am

  • morning museum (Civil Rights Museum, Legacy Museum: one chosen by the group)

  • lunch

  • 1:30 - 4:00 National Memorial for Peace and Justice: time for an initial walk through, reflection, a secondary engagement to go deeper with your own awakenings, raw truth, possible life changes

  • return to Huntsville for supper and reflection

Day 3

  • breakfast and return to Richmond

Richmond to Huntsville is 8.5 hours.  Amy is able to drive the whole way, but would welcome anyone in the group adding their name to the rental lease as co drivers. We'll plan for 11 hours on the road both travel days, which allows for stretch, bio breaks and picnic breaks. While Car Talk will be the main conversation in transit, we will welcome the balanced dance of seriousness, laughter and playfulness as we build community.

This will be an immersion experience in the emotion as we allow the free flow of shame, connection, grief and disbelief to be catalysts for change in our own lives. The aim of this immersion road trip is personal change. The hope is then for cultural change as we join with the Black community which has been working for centuries to claim and secure a society of equality. We will work with an understanding that our learning must come from the Black community of leaders and activists, and we will step aside as we learn and lean into a broader understanding.


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