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Field Notes @20something


  • what scares you the most about growing up?

  • what gets you most excited about maturing?

  • what do you like about your 20 yo self that you’d like to retain into your 30s 40s 50s?

  • what do you know your core strengths to be and how do you know this

  • who are your friends and why are they?

  • what do you want to leave behind or reinvent going forward?

  • what part of your life creation will be uncomfortable for the people in your life or your past?

  • why do you want the things you do? are they in alignment with your essential self?

  • how do you spend your time when you need to rest/retreat/renew/engage?

  • what do you want that you simply don’t see in the general culture or trending?

  • what things do you need the most courage to do?

  • who have you seen that most closely resembles the person you’d like to be or the life you’d like to live?


  • story telling

  • report backs

  • courageous leaps

  • doing it


  • determine your way forward

  • career

  • home

  • friends

  • lifestyle

  • what else?


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Photo Credit: Turner Ritchie Photography