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Coaching Packages of mutual agreement

Coaching is best done over time. Even with an enthusiastic beginning with clear goals and action, we need ongoing support to integrate them into our living. Think about your New Years resolutions. It is one thing to contemplate what you’re going to do, prepare what you’re going to do, do it….and another to keep doing it.

But you can. You are able to make the developments you want.

Single coaching sessions work fine.

What works best are packages of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year. We might begin with one clear goal, and discover that it is the tip of the iceberg or you may be clear that there are layers to what you are aiming for. With a commitment to multiple months, we can go deeper in nourishing, challenging and integrating ways. This will sink your inner work into your core for the long haul.

Pricing is determined between Coach and Client. All month or multi-month packages include support emails and texts in addition to 3-4 coaching sessions a month. We encourage emails and texts to be to the point and limited in number between sessions.


  • Single Session: $120 at the time of service

  • Monthly Packages: $375 x number of months you want to schedule

  • Payments for Multiple Month Packages: 1/2 of total amount at the start, 1/4 of the total amount at the start of the second month, and the remainder paid out as negotiated. Amy brings her authentic self, strength and skill to each and every session. Discern well prior to committing.

  • Late Payments: Coaching process and access to Amy will pause until payments are made again. This will not lengthen or adjust the overall timeframe committed to at the beginning

  • No refunds. You will get Amy’s full attention and skill set that is always developing. You are free to discontinue at any point, with no obligation to finish any payments yet to be paid on the mutual contract.

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