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Field Notes: coaching for 20somethings

Your 20s are a mish mash of creation, failure, bourbon, hops, wonder, belief systems, dreaming and friends.

  • who are you becoming

  • what are you leaving behind

  • what is unique to you

  • how do you craft the life you are imagining into being

Amy calls this time of life Field Notes. It is a research project, an archeological dig, a discovery zone. You are collecting what works, what does not work, what friendships to maintain and which to let go, what kind of person you desire to be known as, your character-habits-traits.

This is not a happenstance journey. Or it could be. But if you are considering a coach, it is not. You want more than what simply comes 'round. Good for you. Deliberate intentionality and perseverance are your keys. We will work hard together. Expect homework, paying attention, taking notes.


The skill of checking in with yourself for a yes or no when you are at pivotal points (which can be every single day) is your greatest skill. We can set goals to move us toward a distant dream, and the craft comes in the choosing this or that...always considering how it supports or undermines our forward motion.

Amy is highly invested in the success of young adults in their 20s, so…

  • $40 per session, with an expectation of 6 sessions, with email/text support

  • There will be full engagement with surveys for self awareness, note taking, observations of your own

  • Movement from the culture you were raised in, to your own personal culture for your strength and style in the world

  • We can meet at my home office, a local coffee shop, phone, or Zoom.

Amy, your coach, has moved through the Field Notes stage and has been living 30 years from that intentional visioning, with a huge splash of the unexpected and unbelievable.


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