“Amy gently pulls back the curtain to truths about yourself...”

Soul Realignment has been the catalyst for major shifts in my life. It has opened the door to a new way of seeing myself and the world we are residing in. Amy gently pulls back the curtain to truths about yourself that helps you to heal the past and move into the future with new courage and perspective. For me the realignment hasn't been an isolated incident in my existence but rather the event I can point back to everyday as the start of my new perspective on life!

— S.

Working with Amy helped to bring many of the pieces into context. -T.

Soul ReAlignment with Amy is an unforgettable gift. Amy helps each person connect with all parts of themselves in new and wonderful ways that allows for the possibility of moving powerfully and intentionally through life. Amy has the spiritual grounding to assist people on their life path to open their eyes and experience the world and have a deeper understanding of their authentic selves. I am fully present to travel well on my life journey. 

— S.F. seminary student

Amy's spiritual compassion, care and deep insight are holy gifts honed for those ready to transform.

— Anon.


Amy's work continues to help me to open up to all that God has created me to be. -A.”

I feel like Amy gave me some very valuable tools that I continue to use on a daily basis. My spirit feels lighter since having had a Soul Realignment session. Thank you, Amy!

— Anon.


My experience with Amy gave me insight into who I am and helped clarify how I could be living more fully.

— Y.



Deep spiritual introduction to the person you really are, the person you were created to be, and the person you can become is possible by participating in a soul realignment with Amy. -Anon.

— Anon.

“I have moved forward lighter in my life...”

It can be exhausting to be self-aware, empowered, reading and working and trying so hard to become a kinder, healthier, happier person. I was ready for someone else to carry the load with me for a bit. Amy did that, and though it took some time, I have moved forward lighter in my life, making changes that I had been ready to make for years, but wasn't able to before.

— Anon.