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Wedding and Funeral Celebrant/Officiant

Anyone can become a celebrant or officiant online. Amy comes with the experience of officiating weddings and funerals since 1991, having been trained in a formal master of divinity program and shaped in years of ministry. Amy brings a care to the couple or family, providing a service that is personal, meaningful, and respectful of beliefs and traditions. She will meet with the couple or family to discuss details and wishes, submit a final service prior to the event for input. Amy will provide a professional and warm presence that puts the focus on the service and meaning making. You can expect a meaningful and creative service that reflects your wishes.

Amy has officiated weddings in the following venues:

  • Farm
  • small country church
  • large sancturaries
  • small home gathering
  • state park
  • gardens
  • courtyard

Vibrant Marriage Program: Pre-marital Counseling is an art form. Many do not think they need this. Amy would agree. Mostly because a couple who is headed toward marriage is often so enthralled with planning a wedding that they choose to overlook the planning of a marriage. This is why Amy developed the Vibrant Marriage program that is in depth, covers a whole host of topics that can be moved through lightly or paused when issues rise up. We will work at interpersonal communication, lifestyle choices that are in sync and that clash, holiday and other family of origin gatherings, children, retirement, debt philosophies, fighting well and expressing better. As a couple, you will feel ready to continue the work of a marriage with joy and confidence, depth and meaning.

Amy has grown through 29 years of marriage to Kurt and is currently enjoying the fun, pleasure, and shared deep knowing that are the fruits of much labor and conscious design.

Funerals and Memorial Services This is such a tender and difficult time for a person or family, when loss is immediate and painful. Amy has worked with families in their deepest grief since 1991. Great care goes into listening to stories of the person who has died, honoring who that person was while also meeting the grief needs of all who will gather. Everyone moves through grief in different ways. It can take years to reach equilibrium. The immediate days after a death are full of shock and numbness and a myriad of other concerns. You can count on Amy to provide a service that reflects the religious or humanist beliefs of the person who has died and the living family.

We begin by offering 1 private meeting with the family members who are planning the service. This is for 1 to 2 hours, as needed. A service will be crafted from that conversation, to be led at the location of the family's choosing. If a burial is wanted, a formal but brief graveside service will be provided, also allowing for guests to express their sorrow and connections. Your creative wishes will be honored.


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