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Soul ReAglinment: Own the Woo Woo

  • discover your soul's divine gifts

  • claim your soul characteristics

  • identify ongoing karmic issues for release

  • learn about choice and consequence on a cosmic scale

  • release the past

  • choose your future by divine design

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Amy offers direct and purposeful guidance for those who wish to press forward in creating shifts and changes in their lives. This work is built on intuitive readings that put us in touch with our essential nature, our ever evolving self, all at soul level. It is cosmic and non-material in nature. These reading/reports can be a one-off tool, or part of an extended coaching and support process. It is a process of lifting a veil that choices have placed upon you, obscuring your truest self. It takes an open mind and a bit of courage to step outside of the known and acceptable box most of us are in, out into a boundless mystical arena.

We begin with the Soul ReAlignment© Foundational Reading.

Our work together is a path toward the meaning of life, our place in the universe, transcendence and meaning, using the information offered through the soul realignment intuitive readings. It is also about how we treat people in line at the grocery store. The cosmic and the day-to-day.

The joining of your finite Being and your infinite Being

Let's get right to the soul of the matter.

We work at soul level through the Akashic Records.

We work in the mystery of the eternal soul that dips down into the human experience time and again.

It is in the lifetimes lived that we make choices that root consequences for our ongoing progress. Consequences that do not serve us simply are known as negative karma.The blocks and restrictions set forth by this negative karma are what we seek to clear.

First we discover your soul's profile in the Akashic record, the energetic creative pieces that give our souls their absolute unique distinction.

Then, we find the core blocks and restrictions, followed by discovery of their root story, and then we clear.

You will have a 21 day clearing statement to do after our session is over, and then you are free to choose to go on living more consciously, more awakened to your own self, more centered in a new reality free of old patterns and behaviors, beliefs and illusions.

This information gives us a ground from which to build your magnificent life through choice.

It is mystery. It is living, pulsing, awe-striking mystery.

  • Soul ReAlignment© Foundational Reading

  • Spirit Guide Reading

  • Relationship Reading

  • Manifesting Blueprint

  • Property Clearing

  • Sneak Peak....this is like dipping your toes in the water


Caution: this has every potential to change your life

We can then take the information gathered from the Soul ReAlignment© readings, use them in the spiritual direction or coaching context, and apply them to your every day life and your forward progress as you craft the way  you live in this world. The use of the Soul ReAlignment report is a personally designed intuitive process that Amy uses, formed from 25+ years of ministry, education, human interaction. This IS about manifesting an aligned life. This is NOT about big houses, fast cars, tons of cash. Those things are irrelevant if they do not match your soul's profile for being. No get-rich-quick schemes. We focus on maturing, becoming, growing, and seeing from new eyes through the lens of a cosmic reality. Each process for each individual is unique to the soul seeking to come back to it’s original self.

Amy writes: "In my own life, I’ve studied human dynamics forever, but am newly awakend to the mystical/spiritual undercurrents of what is going on in human interaction. Because my whole being is geared to human potential, it makes sense that my awakenings are along these same lines.  I am experiencing my maturing in real time. This is what I wish to offer to my clients."

You will take the information that is unique to YOU, and we will witness your growth, and imagine your life, in a deliberate way, as you create what is next for you. 765-967-0657


Schedule with Amy

Direct and purposeful guidance

to bring your life into natural harmony with your essential nature.

What do YOU have to say about your life?

Let's go there and make it happen.



If you have mental health concerns that might be triggered through any of these readings, let's be in conversation beforehand so that good self-care is taken and you have all the information needed to go forward. Thank you.

If you have any hesitation or resistance about purchasing a reading, it might not be the right moment for you. This is not for everyone and Amy honors your beliefs.


If you think you might be interested in becoming a Soul ReAlignment© Practitioner, go ahead and check out the program. Soul ReAlignment is a program designed and founded by Andrrea Hess.


Soul Realignment Readings

Soul ReAlignment Foundational Reading: $160

Through a finely crafted protocol, created to tap into our Akashic Records, Amy creates an in-depth, detailed report. This foundational reading is required before any of the other readings may take place.

Additional and Ongoing Readings are $80

Spirit Guide

We discover in the foundational reading that we each have a spirit team, or spiritual committee. This reading provides details to help you work with this spiritual reality of wisdom and guidance.



Have you ever had the sense that you've lived many lifetimes with a person? Sometimes we have. The relationship reading allows us to enter into the connective energetics of spouses, parent/child, friends, lovers. It is a rich reading that allows us to see what is at the core of our struggles or joys.


Manifesting Blueprint

Each soul is unique, and each unique soul has a unique way to bring about change in their life. This reading helps us to see how you are best able to manifest vibrational shifts in order to create the life that best supports the expression of your soul.


Property Clearing: $40

This is a reading to check in on the energetic disturbances of a property. To request this reading, the client must be the owner or renter of the property. Often, disturbances go back decades, or the land reflects the first impacting use (beyond the pure original intent).  This is not done onsite, and the client receives an emailed report.

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