Your Start-Up Business, Your Start-up Practice

From the Front Door to your Expertise

Guidance for a powerful start that everyone will notice

Alchemy is the ancient practice of turning ordinary elements into gold. This is what you are doing when you begin your practice or business. You are taking the individual elements of training, hospitality, presence, administration and more, and turning them into gold so that you are noticed and you can build your dream. The image of the ammonite is one of building and growth. As an ammonite would grow, it created the next chamber it needed for its enlarging life. As the initial chambers were out grown, they closed. It was a process of change in the form of baby stages to adulthood. This is what you are doing with your new business practice. You are starting out as a beginner, growing your offerings into maturity.

Amy built her practice from a single client in 2012 to a business that allowed her to quit her full-time professional position in 2018. Amy met her initial business goals as she had dreamed them into being. Hers is just one story, yet Amy brings an innate ability to reach into the cosmos and bring down ideas and details that are in resonance with the business/practice dreams.

She will walk with you to professionalize your services. It is important to pay attention to the whole experience of a client, from front door to your expertise. If you’ve got the goods but have sloppy presentation or no social grace, it will be a hard clearing of your path to success. Everything matters. Everything matters when you are starting out. Amy’s eye for creative flow and start to finish details will help you get started with fewer missteps that cost you clients.

What you will get by working with Start Up Alchemy:

  • get you started on a strong foot

  • personal attention, tuned into you and your business goals and presentation

  • spiritual direction for the soul of your business and practice

  • completely prepped coach, putting time in outside of our monthly sessions

  • reflection assignments: self reflection, biz reflection, resistance reflection, fear reflection, confidence reflection, squad reflection

  • attention to Ethics, confidentiality, and paperwork to professionalize your services

  • API: an intuitive reading of your unique foundation as an entrepreneur, a signature that is all yours, working that dream of yours from the aligned places of Action, Planning and the Intangible

  • discuss branding, marking, and delivery that is in alignment with your truest self (joy is the aim, not a business template that you have to squeeze yourself into)

  • detailed, painfully detailed, evaluation of every aspect of the customer experience

  • learning the art of attention, apology, and organization

  • talking through your web presence, brand materials, meme generation and other forms of self expression

  • discuss fee structure that recognizes room to increase as your skill increases….a discussion of Ayni: divine reciprocity and the importance of knowing your worth and the client’s worth

  • connecting you with your next step coaches in building your business and practice to next levels

“No nonsense, non-judgmental, you-oriented,

straight talk, start-up coaching”

Start Up Alchemy

  • Initial two-hour session to lay out a plan

  • 5 60-90 minute monthly coaching sessions that include support, truthtelling, self-assessment, full-life approach, Highs and not-so-Highs

  • unlimited text and email support

  • Fee: $300 initial session, $100 per monthly session

  • After 6 months of working together, we will evaluate your need. It might be to continue as we are, or to move to coaching that sustains your momentum, or you’ll be ready to move to a coach who takes you to your next levels.

To get started, simply complete this form, or contact Amy at She will give you a private link for setting an appointment for the initial coaching session, and subsequent coaching sessions. If you just want to explore the possibility, know you’ll be welcomed in a friendly way to explore with curiosity and clarity. Feel free to ask questions via the form below, email or set an a free 15 minute introductory phone call

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